There’s A Deadly Bug That Is Spreading In America, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About It!

A deadly species of the flatworm family has been spotted in South Florida and it could kill anyone that it infects. While flatworms are not a new thing, a specific species that originates from New Guinea could wreak havoc on both humans and animals, according to authorities.

The worm can cause skin conditions simply through touch but if it every infects your body, you can expect a lot worse. Locals and agricultural agents were surprised to spot the worm. It is highly recommended that you stay away from the worm, if spotted.

The parasite can cause serious brain and spinal cord problems for infected people. What’s worse, it affects other mammals including our beloved pets. Meningitis is one of the serious problems it causes, however, several sources have noted that it could also cause fatal conditions.

Researchers have also noted that the worm could ruin the ecosystem in Florida by destroying trees and other plantations. Now that this flatworm has spread to Florida, there is no saying where it will pop up next. Keep and eye out and report to authorities if you ever spot one.